Monday, June 4, 2007

Great Time Yesterday

We attended a picnic yesterday sponsored by our homestudy agency, Adoption Assistance (see link). We had a wonderful time! There were children there from 24 different countries! We had the opportunity to talk with brand new parents, parents with several adopted children and waiting parents (Just Like Us!!). I have to admit, we both felt a little like "fish-out-of-water" when we first arrived at the picnic, but after meeting Kelly & Tom (just returned home with their daughter six weeks ago!), we were put at ease. Everyone was so nice and provided great advice. They were all open and willing to answer any questions that we had on our minds and were very supportive. After all, they have been in the same place we are in right now... enduring the LONG wait for referral. The children were amazing!! We both agreed that we are even more convinced that adoption was meant for us! Can't wait 'til the picnic next year!

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