Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A Few Thoughts...

Hi!! As you can see, it has been a bit since we have posted. Sadly, there have been several tragedies that have occurred since our last post.

The earthquake in Sichuan Province in China and the loss of Maria to the Chapman family have touched our hearts. We want everyone to know that our hearts, thoughts and Prayers are with all those in China and with the Chapman family, as well. May God work in these situations and provide His Comfort and Peace!

As for us, we are in our 13th+ month from LID for Maddie. As with all waiting families, we have many friends and relatives that are anxiously awaiting the arrival of Maddie. Pretty much on a daily basis there are many questions regarding When?, How Long? and Why? It is often hard to explain, but we try the best we can to answer any and all questions. Hopefully, with God's speed, we will hold our daughter soon.

On a different note, I have recently started getting things together to start the "Bai Jia Bei", or, "100 Good Wishes Quilt" for Maddie. Soon I will post all the information in regard to this project here on our blog.

In closing, please Pray for the situation in China, the Chapman family and all those waiting for the arrival of their children.

God Bless,

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