Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Long Overdue Update

WOW!!!! I did not realize it had been soooooo long since we posted something here!! I guess with Maddie home now, things have been just a bit more "busy"!! LOL!!! Everything is going great and Maddie is doing very, very well.... actually, we could not ask for things to have gone smoother during our first six months as a family. She has adjusted with absolutely no issues at all. We are so blessed to have her as part of our true "family" now!!! We are in full "Chinese New Year" mode with several activities planned over the next week. It is going to be a blast!!!!

I wanted to let everyone know about a new Blog. It is created by Henan Kids International (see the button at right). HKI is a charitable support group for children from Henan province. Madddie is from Henan (Anyang City) and we really support the work of this fine organization. Please take a moment and visit HKI's new Blog by clicking HERE.

I have also posted a couple of recent pics of Maddie..... she is such a Joy!!!!

Take Care!!!

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sweet momma luv u said...

Welcome back and glad to hear that things are going so well with Maddie! She is just so cute.... Has it really already been 6 mos? Where does the time go? I guess it has as we will have had Jon Jon for 11 mos today!!

Take Care!
: ) Jody

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